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Presentations 2014

Maiti, A., Maxwell, A., Kist, A. A., Orwin, L., Midgley, W., Noble, K., & Wu, T. (2014, February). Overlay Network Architectures for Peer-to-Peer Remote Access. Paper presented at the REV 2014: Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation Porto, Portugal.

Orwin, L., Maxwell, A., Kist, A., Maiti, A., Midgley, W., & Ting, W. (2014, October). RALfie: A Game where Maker Faire meets Hackerthon. Paper presented at the ACEC2014: Now it's personal.


Orwin, L., Maxwell, A., Midgley, W., Kist, A. A., Maiti, A., & Ting, W. (2014, 25-27 July). Online STEM Education using Remote Access Laboratories through the RALfie Project: Remote Access Labs for Fun, Innovation and Education. Paper presented at the Digital Rural Futures, Toowoomba. 

Wu, T., Midgley, W., Albion, P., & Orwin, L. (2014, July). Queensland primary pre-service teachers' self-efficacy to teach technology by the use of remote access laboratories. Poster presented at the Digital Rural Futures, Toowoomba, Qld.

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