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Presentations 2008

DateLocation / Event Organisation Topic & Photos
November 29

Australian Virtual Worlds Workshop, Business and Enterprise PanelSwinburne University, Melbourne

Australian Second Life Educators and Researchers (AusSLERs)Virtual Worlds as corporate learning environments
November 24 - 26 Shift Happens: Technology alone will not save usVictorian IT Teachers Association (VITTA)Hands on workshops - Second Life and Wonderland
November 14

Videoconference: Professional Certificate group

Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning (scil), University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Virtual Worlds for Corporate Learning

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

November 11Bipartite 1008 Partnering for Success:Employers, Universities and Graduate Talent Conference, Novatel Brighton le Sands, Sydney

The National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services

Virtual Worlds: The game gets serious
November 8
Ritsumeikan University, Language Education & Information Systems , Kyoto Japan

Ritsumeikan University, Language Education & Information Systems, Kyoto Japan 

Language Learning in the Virtual World of Second Life
October 14
CPA Congress 2008
CPA Australia
Learning in Virtual Worlds
September 5
Second Life Community Convention - Online Education Track - Opening keynote addressSecond Life community Convention and International Society for Technology Educators

MUVE-ing learning into Virtual Worlds - the tools  of the trade and the types of learning they support.

August 29

State Legal Educators and Young Lawyers Conference, Brisbane

Queensland Law Society

Cyber-law in Second Life. Joint presentation with Prof. G. Mackenzie, USQ.

August 13-14 Enterprise 2.0 for Information Professionals Conference, Sydney
Key Forums
What next? 3D Virtual Worlds
July 31 - August 2Skoolaborate Congress at the MLC School, Sydney
Skoolaborate Project (Teen Grid Second Life)
Teaching tools in Second Life
July 18
Seminar, Inns of Court, Brisbane
Continuing Legal Education Association of AustralasiaUsing Virtual Worlds in Law Education. Joint presentation with Prof. G. Mackenzie, USQ.
July 11QUESTNet net2008: Green and greenfield...Social engineering the network. Crowne Plaza Royal Pines, Gold Coast  Queensland Education Science & Technology NetworkBeyond the Web - Jacked into the mesh through virtual worlds
March 7

Queensland Law Society Symposium

Queensland Law Society Virtual Worlds and the Law community. Joint presentation with Prof. G. Mackenzie, USQ and Nick Abrahams, Deacons.
March 13Game on exhibitionAustralian Centre for the Moving ImageJoint presentation with Liz McKeown - World of Warcraft
February 29
Online in Second Life
Xerox, Leesburg
Presentation of learning tools in Second Life
February 28
Online in Second Life
NCCEUsing Second Life as a learning environment 

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